A Novel about Landscape and Childhood, Sanity and Abuse, Truth and Redemption

Paul Brazier ~ Longman’s Charity

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Contents, Cover and Art Work


Front Cover

Main Photo :
The Red barn (top right) and Copse (top centre) seen from Hampton Charity. Note, the tree and shed, top left, is on the boundary between Hampton Charity and Christ Church Charity; photographed summer 1979, just before building and development started.

(Photographed by P.H. Brazier, Pentax ME,
30mm lens, 60th sec., f.16, Ilford 125ASA.)

Painting 1 (left) :
Primroses, Bredon Hill

(P.H. Brazier, oil on cardboard, c. 1966-1986.)

Painting 2 (right) :
The Charity Lane leading down to the Red Barn
from Gypsies Corner.

(P.H. Brazier, oil on cardboard, c. 1968-1992.)

Rear Cover

School Photo :
Paul Brazier, aged 10 years (1964)
annual school photo, Swann Lane Junior School.

Brother and Sister :
Paul and Christine (aged 7 years and 5 years, respectively) on the running board of their father’s lorry, with 500 chips of Victoria Plums, on the way to the railway goods yard: August 1959.

(Photographed by Harry Brazier,
with an Ensign-Selfix 20, 1930s, camera)

Wildflower Paintings :

From left to right, Ragged Robin, Celedines, Harebells, Poppies, and Heartsease (Wild Pansy), all from around the Red Barn, the Copse, the Charity Brook
and the headland east of the Red barn.

(P.H. Brazier, Oil on cardboard, c. 1968-1986.)

Longman’s Charity ~ Contents


Prologue—A Welcoming

Part One—The Land and The Child

Chapter 1. Creation: Fruitfulness and the Serpent

Chapter 2. Town: People and Family

Chapter 3. Beginnings: Infancy and Quietude

Chapter 4. Love: Sickness and Death

Chapter 5. Summer: Vibrancy and Joy

Part Two—The Village Idiot

Chapter 6. Abuse: Sanity and Dis-ease

Chapter 7. Winter: Christmas and Survival

Chapter 8. Realization: Fear and Depression

Part Three—Through Fire and Water

Chapter 9. Captivity: Sanctity and Sanctuary

Chapter 10. Deception: Terror and Dread

Chapter 11. Sanity: Emptiness and Escape

Chapter 12. Exile: Desperation and Return

Epilogue—A Leave-Taking

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